IBM Ring 22

The Detroit Magic Club

Club Meetings

The 3rd Tuesday each month 7:15pm - 10pm

Join us for fun, magic, and fellowship.
Non-members are welcome to attend.

Hunter Community Center
509 Fisher Ct, Clawson, MI 48017

We regularly have lectures and presentations from renowned professionals. Watch this space for details.

Our next meeting is Feb 19, 2019

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The local IBM chapter in the Metro Detroit area is RING 22, established in the early 1900s and still going strong! We've been fortunate to have a long tradition of outstanding members, including past magic icons such as Warren Stephens (inventor of magic effects used worldwide), Milt Kort (the underground legend who contributed a majority of the work in BOBO’s "Coin Magic"), Detroit TV and radio personalities Karrell "The King of Korn" Fox and Claire “Milky the Clown” Cummings (household names in the 1950's and 60's), as well as countless others.

Today our RING 22 membership includes magic enthusiasts of all ages within the Greater-Detroit community — professional magicians, avid hobbyists, and aspiring amateurs who simply enjoy the Art of Magic.

RING 22 has an interesting history. A 1927 issue of the Linking Ring contained an article regarding the Detroit area petition to become an IBM Ring. However the charter was not granted until 1941 when Detroit officially became RING 22. The Ring, established as a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting magic and magicians within the area, was originally named in memory of Harry Cecil (a magical enthusiast and promoter in addition to his career as salesman/part owner of the Cecil Chocolate Company).

In 1941 Harry Cecil attended the I. B. M. convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his long time friend Bob Anderson was the I.B.M president. It was suggested that Detroit should have an I.B.M Ring. Harry returned home and set up a meeting with about 40 people attending. On November 17, 1941 the charter membership was closed with 43 members and Ring 22 was started. Wm. C. Smith moved that the organization be named The “Harry E. Cecil” Ring and it received a unanimous vote.

On July 11, 2006 the members decided to rename the Ring The “Warren Stephens Ring”, to honor Warren Stephens, a long time member of the organization, a previous Territorial V.P. of I.B.M, an inventor of magical effects, and a generous contributor of ideas and workshops to RING 22.

RING 22 is proud to be considered
"The Detroit Magic Club"!