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We're not your typical magic club, and thanks to the imaginative ideas and invaluable input from our members, we've added some great website features and scheduled some awesome magic activities in the coming months.   Of course, we also have a few more "tricks up our sleeve" that you'll be enjoying in the near future, and we are predicting the best year ever in 2020!  As always, we are thankful and appreciative for YOUR continued participation, dedication, and support.   Here's just a brief overview and update of our year so far:

  • Our FIRST-EVER, SPECIAL ONLINE club meeting on TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020, at 7:30 PM was a terrific success!  Club member Andy Makar has produced an excellent video of the session capturing many highlights of the historic event.  Registered RING 22 members can view it (see blog post, "Resounding Success:  Our First ONLINE Meeting") after logging in.  It's definitely well-worth watching!
  • We may have more ONLINE sessions coming your way in the future, in addition to our terrific club meetings - please stay tuned for updates!
  • Monthly CLUB MEETINGS for 2020 have been extremely well-supported and attended (averaging 32+ members per meeting!), and  we are fortunate to have featured the amazing magic of our own verteran performers Mike Mode and Nick Pudar.  Additionally, we've shared some very important discussion topics concerning the art of magic, not to mention all of the super strong magic YOU have performed on our "always-open" stage.  We even had an outstanding guest performance by well-known magician Martin Cox (direct from the UK!), who "tipped" one of his favorite routines and displayed his unique brand of stunning magic, humor, and showmanship!  Although we have unfortunately cancelled our regularly scheduled March meeting due to the current COVID-19 situation,  we'll be resuming our monthly club meeting schedule as usual in April (on every third Tuesday of each month),  and we're looking forward to  our next physical, in-person meeting on April 21, 2020!  Members as well as guests are always welcome to join us!  Let's keep the ball rollin'  - be a part of the best magic club in Michigan!
  • Our first Guest Lecture of this year (Monday, March 9, 2020), featuring the amazing magic of GLENN MORPHEW (of Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" fame), was an enormous success,  with an ALL-TIME, RECORD-BREAKING 41 members and guests attending!  If you happen to miss it, don't worry - there's more outstanding lectures coming your way soon!
  • It's that time of year again, and RING 22's  all new Membership Drive 2020! has officially begun!   Created with YOU in mind, we are currently offering incentives for sponsoring and recruiting new members!  For more information, please be sure to visit our Membership Drive 2020! page.
  • By now everyone is familiar with our new location and all of our club events (meetings and guest lectures) are hosted in our new home at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 749 W. 14 Mile Rd., Clawson, MI 48017. Our new and convenient location is only a few blocks from downtown Clawson, on 14 Mile Road just five blocks West of Main Street. The new "digs" look great and we are extremely excited to be hosting all of our future activities at our new "magic castle"!  Best of all, our meeting area (the church's Welcome Center) is very comfortable, with easy access using the main entryway directly from the facility's well-lit parking lot! 
  • We've also found a new "nightspot" for our members and guests to converse after every activity - The HideOut.   The restaurant is only three blocks away, directly on 14 Mile Rd., serving excellent but affordable food and beverages until 1 AM - hope to see you all there after our next event!
  • We are always posting new items of interest in our exclusive "Members-Only" area of our website.  Members ares strongly encouraged to officially register and log in to gain access to all of the links available in our Secret Stuff drop-down menu -- you'll be so glad you did!  The page contains loads of great advice, tutorials, video clips, effects, and more! 
  • If any RING 22 members are hosting or performing in a special magical event, please let us know - we'd love to help and support your efforts!
  • A Magicians for Hire page listing professional magicians who are available and seeking performing opportunities is now posted and viewable for all of our website visitors!
  • An Online Members Directory (containing contact information for those members who wish to be included) is now available for RING 22 members who have officially registered and logged into this site -- find it in the  Secret Stuff drop-down menu!
  • Our fully functional and secure ONLINE Paypal Option is up and running for our web viewers, making payments for yearly membership dues and specific lectures fast, easy, and convenient -- look for it in the Membership drop-down menu!

There’s always plenty to look forward to at RING 22! Please stay tuned and VISIT THIS SITE OFTENyou never know what you’ll be missing!

IBM RING 22 | John Smith, President | Fred Lenter, Vice-President | Robert Purcell, Treasurer