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Johnny New York Receives Presidential Recognition

On May 16, 2023 International Brotherhood of Magicians, president Billy Hsueh, presented Ring 22 club president, Johnny New York with a presidential citation at last night’s meeting.

If you have attended a Ring 22 meeting, then you've seen first hand how John "Johnny New York" Smith puts his passion, energy and commitment to make Ring 22 the BEST magic club. During the COVID pandemic, most clubs fell into a slump - but not THE Detroit Magic Club. Through Johnny's leadership, he orchestrated club meetings and lectures via Zoom for all club members. We even had special jam sessions where we explored niche topics in addition to the usual meeting.

Once COVID restrictions eased up and people met in person, Johnny continued to broadcast the live meetings via Zoom using a 3 point camera system with special thanks to Keith Fields for providing the video infrastructure.

johnny new york ibm award
Johnny New York Recognized by IBM President Billy Hsueh

If you've attended a Ring 22 meeting, then you've benefited from Johnny's planning and creativity. No two meetings are the same as members and guests are treated to a single member spotlight performance, facilitated magic topic discussions, member teach-a-trick, historical video presentations and of course the stage spotlight for any member to share a trick. We even have monthly highlights of new effects at the Wunderground Magic Shop.

Johnny's leadership brings a unique approach where the "business" of running the club is handled before the meeting and all participants focus on the actual magic. Membership has grown significantly under Johnny's watch and the average meeting size is 35-45 attendees.

Compared to earlier years where we had at most a dozen members show up, the impact Johnny New York has had on THE Detroit Magic Club | IBM RING 22 is a significant one. This award is well deserved and it is great to see a leader's accomplishments recognized. Congratulations Johnny!