This routine was presented at a recent RING 22 club meeting. KEN FOLEY performed and explained everything beautifully, but he has also generously provided a written explanation of the effect as well. By the way, KEN even made his own illustrations for this written tutorial! Needless to say, EVERYONE loved this routine – it’s a stunner!  RING 22 members, just click the link below to view the entire explanation!

TWO Borrowed Deck Self-Workers You MUST Learn! (by JNY)

TWO Borrowed Deck Self-Workers You MUST Learn! (by JNY)

Everyone knows how much I love card magic, and here are TWO of my very favorite effects that always seem to generate strong reactions.  Like everyone, I'm usually impressed with the work of well-known "finger-flingers" and "move monkeys", but these effects require no sleights at all and are entirely self-working, and they definitely fall in the "WORKERS" category.  I hope you'll learn and use them often!


NYCAAN Live, spontaneous, and informal…

One of my card favorites happens to be Lennart Green’s “card at any number” effect (although I am not sure where or if ever it has been officially published).  My only contributions to it pertain to the presentation.  I’ve designed it for a stand-up situation, without a table, incorporating different patter, and employing a different peek method.   With my handling, the magic occurs primarily in the spectator’s hands.   No matter how it is presented, do not be fooled by its simplicity – it is a “killer” routine that is very easy to do!  I usually perform it in those situations where a spectator hands me THEIR deck of shuffled cards while asking me to “show a card trick”.  The entire effect appears to be done without ever looking at a single card!

Gordon Russ Kid Show Opener

Gordon Russ Tweaks a Classic Trick

Gordon Russ has taken the classic Traffic Light Trick and has customized it for a variety of themed shows.

Traffic Light Trick

The Traffic Light Trick is an old kid's trick where three large cards are show front and back with the colors of the traffic light including Red, Yellow and Green. One of the three cards is made to disappear by placing it in a large envelope.

The magician shows the two remaining cards and the kids think that vanished card is actually in the large envelope. The magician shows there IS one card left in the envelope which has the words "Wrong" printed on it.

Everyone thinks the other side contains the vanished color, but after some comedy by-play, the card reads WRONG AGAIN!

Gordon's Customizations

Gordon has taken the Traffic Light trick and customized it for many of his magic shows including Christmas, Library Reading programs, Halloween and Easter Bunny Shows.

Dennis Leung Crazy Man Handcuffs

May 2023 Teach A Trick Sessions

Teach A Trick

At the May 2023 meeting, 4 of our members led a mini magic teach-in featuring 4 of their favorite close up effects.

If you'd like to learn these effects, log in to view the session video and read the supporting notes and tutorials

Big Ole 8 Diamond Jim Tyler


Trick: The magician types in 12345678 into a calculator and it is seen displayed on the screen.  He explains that 8 is the biggest and also the heaviest number since it uses more pixels.  When the magician taps the calculator on the top left corner the number 8 is seen to jump to the opposite end now revealing 81234567.

This looks best with a 10-key calculator with an LCD display. This will work on an iPhone calculator but not an Android calculator because it displays the whole equation.  However, Android users can download a calculator app that mimics that of an iPhone so that they can perform this and other effects in this series.

Chapstick Gag

Chapstick Gag

GAG: Borrow a friend’s ChapStick® and put it on your lips.  Continue to put it on your cheeks, your eyebrows, etc.

There are lots of people who carry around roll-on lip balm.  ChapStick® seems to be the most popular brand.  After they use the balm, some will throw it on the table.  If they do that simulate what I described above.  If they start to put it away simply ask “Can I borrow that for a sec?”