Do you recognize this magical family?  If not, read on and learn the full story…

The IBM RING 22 Magic Club has garnered high praise from fellow magicians and other magic clubs around the country, and although there are many factors that have helped to make our club as solid as it is today, the real secret behind the success of IBM RING 22 (The DETROIT MAGIC CLUB”) is our highly talented and experienced membership – ranging from full-time internationally known professionals, well-known part-timers, avid hobbyists, and “kids” ages 9-90 (!) who are just getting started exploring the art of magic.

One of our most unique club members is KEN FOLEY, a masterful magician who for years has entertained audiences everywhere.  A longtime professional automotive engineer, he has somehow managed to lead a very successful “double life” as a professional magician, and for decades he continues to entertain audiences large and small, young and old, with his unique brand of extraordinary and entertaining magic just about everywhere. 

Longtime RING 22 Club Member and Outstanding Magician, KEN FOLEY!

KEN grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and without local magic shops nearby, he was often forced to pursue magic on his own, creating, developing, and constructing unique magic props and effects that he still uses to this very day. 

Fortunately for RING 22, the FOLEY family now resides in nearby Sterling Heights, MI.  He and his wife, Janice, are the proud parents of Bradley and Ryan, both of whom, as children, became prominent performers in a wonderful family magic troupe, FOLEY THE FABULOUS!    As one might expect, KEN and the FOLEY TROUPE  have garnered high praise and awards in various competitions over the years, with KEN winning 2nd place at Abbott’s Get Together, 2002, 1st place in Michigan Magic Day 2007, and 2nd place in Michigan Magic Day 2009.  Along the way, both Bradley and Ryan have also won several prestigious magic awards (Brad notably winning 1st place in the Michigan Magic Day, 2002, and Ryan winning 1st place in the Michigan Magic Day 2009 – apparently beating his father!). 

KEN is also part of a very elite group of magicians who have enjoyed membership in the INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS for more than 35 consecutive years (!), and he was recently honored for his milestone achievement by IBM this past year.  He and his magical family have been featured in several local newspapers, and he is still going strong as a “magician’s magician”, performing professional magic in venues throughout the greater-Southeast Michigan area.  You can contact him at ffmagic@comcast.net, and you can view him in action with the short video clip below.  THANKS KEN for being an integral member of IBM RING 22!

A “Favorite” Among Magicians

This past year several "GIANTS of MAGIC" have left us, and although they certainly will be missed by everyone within the magic fraternity, no one will ever forget the great contributions each of them has made in the world of magic.  With the passing of Harry Lorayne, Darwin Ortiz, Tom Craven, and most recently, DAVID BERGLASS, the treasure trove they and notable others have left behind will undoubtedly provide hot discussion topics in magic circles everywhere.  Of particular interest is the famous "BERGLASS EFFECT" (or perhaps I should say "infamous"!).    For those unfamiliar, it is an ACAAN routine (Any Card at Any Number) that adheres to utterly impossible conditions, and its wide-ranged popularity has now assumed an almost mythical status.   No wonder - it is a stunning and astonishing effect, to say the very least.  For those who have never seen BERGLASS in action, check out the video clip below containing one abbreviated presentation of his remarkable effect.  Of course, there are many ways his performance could have been accomplished, but watching the video will definitely get you thinking!

Could RING 22 Be Ready for PRIME TIME?

Back by popular demand, our original PILOT EPISODE of RING 22's local magic TV series, "YOU ARE THERE", has once again been requested for air time.  Although local media stations remain vehemently underwhelmed and uninterested in it's artistic value, fortunately for us, a few of our very sage club members have dared us to show it again - especially for those who have never seen the pilot episode in the first place!  We've updated our crediting and sponsorship a little, and in spite of the original painful viewing experience, we're back at it with a serious REDUX!

Young Club Members WIN Top Honors at IBM Convention 2023 – by JNY

Our club enjoys a vast membership of extremely talented magicians, and just recently, two of our exceptional and youngest members (FERRAN POAGE and DREYGON HIBBLER) celebrated an incredible achievement - winning 1st and 2nd place in the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magicians  CLOSE-UP COMPETITION for 2023 - a major event that is always a highlight of the annual IBM Convention! 

DREYGON HIBBLER (2nd Place Winner), KEITH FIELDS (mentor and supporter), and FERRAN POAGE (1st Place Winner)

This year's enormously successful convention took place in Pittsburg, PA,  and our talented club members competed with other magicians literally from around the world, bringing their A-Game to the table with stellar performances!  As many of us have witnessed over the last couple of years, FERRAN and DREYGON have worked hard continuously, perfecting their performances, skills, and presentations, receiving elpful advice and encouragement, not only from everyone at RING 22, but especially with the valuable mentorship of our club's renowned duo, KEITH and SARAH FIELDS (true believers in the art of magic who spotted the potential of both of these young magicians immediately). 

All of us are very proud of these well-deserved winners  - hat's off to FERRAN and DREYGON for their tremendous accomplishment!  At our July club meeting FERRAN and DREYGON rather humbly shared their experience with everyone, and RING 22 considers them to be true AMBASSADORS OF MAGIC.  What will they accomplish next???!

FINAL REMINDER – Magic Lecture with FENIK!

What’s better than celebrating a Detroit Lions victory over the KC Chiefs?  The RING 22 Magic Lecture featuring the amazing FENIK - now just ONE day away - on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2023, at 2 PM EDT (Spirit of Christ Lutheran Church, 749 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017)!   This rare opportunity is something you simply cannot afford to miss (even if it is on a Sunday afternoon)!  Admission for ANY and ALL IBM or SAM members is only $10; $20 for non-members and guests (payable at the door or online via our club website PAYPAL link).   PLEASE JOIN US - GUESTS ARE WELCOME!

A top-rated underground master magician and sleight-of-hand artist direct from Mexico, FENIK will dazzle you with cards, coins, and never-before-seen material that has amazed the very best.   He was a student and friend of the legendary LARRY JENNINGS, and he has only recently published many of his outstanding effects in a very successful, highly praised 320 page book, THE CODE.  To see just a sampling of FENIK’s work, be sure to watch the attached video!


"Fenik Is one of the most talented magicians I have ever met. His contributions to the magical art inspire us all…” - Jeff McBride

"On a par with the works of Tamariz and Wonder…a variety of amazing magic effects, along with some splendid techniques…" - Marc DeSouza

"One of the most skillful magicians I know.” - Shoot Ogawa

Hope to see you at the lecture this Sunday!

Last Reminder – CHRIS CARTER LECTURE Tomorrow (6/25/2023)!

Can you handle yet another reminder from RING 22?  You can if it's about the fabulous CHRIS CARTER LECTURE now just one day away, on SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2023, at 2 PM EDT!  The exclusive and rare lecture will take place at the Trinity Lutheran Church (now renamed Spirit of Christ Lutheran), 749 W. 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MIAdmission (at the door) is only $10 for ANY IBM/SAM club members and $20 for guests.  With a lecture of this caliber it’s a bargain at any price, but it’s never too late to join our club and immediately save money as a RING 22 member!   You won't be sorry you made time for this one - PLEASE DON'T MISS IT! 

ABOUT CHRIS CARTER, Mentalist and Magician
Christopher has long been one of the busiest professional mentalists working. He has performed on 4 continents, in 23 countries. He’s appeared at over 3500 college campuses, plus around 1500 performances on cruise ships, theaters, and corporate events. 

For many years he was the busiest college campus entertainer in the country. He’s been awarded Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Artist, and Performing Arts Entertainer of the year by Campus Activities Magazine. He’s also been named Corporate Entertainer of the Year by American Corporate Events Magazine.

In the magic world, he’s received the Dunninger award from the Psychic Entertainers Association, and The Milbourne Christopher Award in Mentalism.  His lecture for Penguin Magic is one of the highest rated lectures Penguin has produced, and he’s the author of a book on mentalism soon to be published by Hermetic Press.  He also originated the effect that inspired The Anniversary Waltz.

His mentalism is practical, direct, hard-hitting, and most of all, FUN!  CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE AT:  https://christophercarter.com/media/videos/

Christopher will teach stage mentalism routines that come from his working repertoire. These effects pack small, but play HUGE.

Included will be:

  1. MIRACLE: a mental stage illusion with seven people onstage
  2. The Tossed out Deck: this is the real work behind one of the classics of mentalism. This has been Christopher’s opening routine for thousands of performances, and will include strategies and subtleties that only come from decades of experience.
  3. Telepathy in the Parlor: A variation on the Question and Answer routine that can be performed in any environment, from living rooms to large stages.
  4. Digital Prediction: The simplest, most practical take on the “Mailed-ahead” prediction you will ever see.
  5. Memories: A way to reveal people’s most secret memories without anything ever being written down.
  6. Horse Fly: the ultimate version of Pegasus Page.
  7. Key-Know Revisited: A uniquely commercial version of Koran’s Medalion that can play in the largest auditorium.
  8. Two Sleight of Hand Card Effects: Special effect that Christopher uses when doing walk-around magic on college campuses to help promote his evening show.
  9. Crime Solver: A commercial, ten minute routine in which the Mentalist solves an imaginary crime created by an audience member. And the best part – it uses only borrowed objects!

MIKE POWERS Lecture Highlights!

Mike Powers

Our last lecture of 2019 (presented on Monday, October 7), featured the outstanding magic of MIKE POWERS, well-known close-up magician and the creator of many "always entertaining" magic routines that definitely fall in the "real-worker" category. Needless to say, the event was an enormous success, with some 30 RING 22 members and guests in attendance! After the lecture, MIKE continued to share his magic with about 18 audience members until the wee hours of the night at The Hideout! The entire evening was filled with very impressive magic, and MIKE also gave the audience "super deals" at "bargain-basement prices" on all of his terrific and spell-binding material, including his latest 300 page book, TESSERACT.

Thanks to everyone for making time to attend -- and of course, we're looking forward to a great line-up of lectures coming your way in 2020! Special thanks to members Ken Cook and Arthur Ottney for the great photos -- check out a few of them below!

JOHN CAREY Lecture Highlights!

A record breaking 39 members and guests attended RING 22's recent lecture featuring England's foremost magician, JOHN CAREY.   Performing and explaining all types of close-up magic as well as discussing extremely practical advice on the general art of magic,  CAREY managed to fool and amaze the entire audience, focusing on easy-to-do magic that is incredibly effective!  No wonder the audience loved his presentation and style!  Afterwards, CAREY "hung out" with the gang and continued his shenanigans at our unofficial local eatery, The Hideout.   Very special THANKS to everyone for supporting this amazing event!

Here's a brief video clip of one of CAREY's outstanding effects (performance only, but fully explained at his lecture).


Our resident photographer, RING 22 member Ken Cook,  managed to take some great candid photos of the event that you may enjoy!

If you happened to miss this lecture, RING 22 has many more coming your way.  Be sure to check out our LECTURE SCHEDULE!


REMINDER: Magic Lecture with FENIK!

September can get pretty hot, but RING 22 is making things even hotter with a SPECIAL MAGIC EVENT designed JUST FOR YOU - a rare MAGIC LECTURE with the amazing FENIK, and it's only FIVE DAYS AWAY…EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

MAGIC LECTURE with the amazing FENIK
749 W 14 MILE RD, CLAWSON, MI 48017

Highly rated and direct from Mexico, this outstanding underground master magician and sleight-of-hand artist will astound you with never-before-seen close-up magic using cards and coins.  Admission (payable at the door or online via our club website PAYPAL link) - only $10 for ANY IBM or SAM members; $20 for non-members and guests.  

Be a part of this unique lecture and opportunity - PLEASE ATTEND AND SUPPORT THIS SPECIAL RING22 EVENT!  Hope to see you there!

MAGIC LECTURE with FENIK (Sun., Sept. 10, 2023, at 2 PM)!

Sure it’s on a Sunday afternoon, but when it comes to a SPECIAL and EXTREMELY RARE event like this, you simply cannot afford to miss it!   RING 22 is hosting an outstanding magic lecture featuring an underground master magician and sleight-of-hand artist, the top rated magician direct from Mexico, FENIK.  He’ll dazzle you with cards, coins, and never-before-seen material that has amazed the very best.  Admission for ANY and ALL IBM or SAM members is only $10; $20 for non-members and guests (payable at the door or online via our club website PAYPAL link). Don't miss this unique magical moment and opportunity!

Sunday, September 10, 2023, 2 PM EDT
Spirit of Christ (Trinity) Church
749 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017


Fenik has made his reputation as a “magician's magician” for more than two decades. He has been a student and friend of true legends of magic and is considered the most outstanding heir of one of the best schools of card magic in the world: the school of Larry Jennings.  He has created many amazing effects and recently published a very successful, highly praised 320 page book, THE CODE.  To see just a sampling of FENIK’s work, view him online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKISIrP7J-4

Here are a few RAVE reviews:

“Fenik Is one of the most talented magicians I have ever met. His contributions to the magical art inspire us all…” - Jeff McBride

On a par with the works of Tamariz and Wonder…a variety of amazing magic effects, along with some splendid techniques…" - Marc DeSouza

“One of the most skillful magicians I know.” - Shoot Ogawa

PLEASE join us for a fantastic afternoon of magic - you’ll be glad you did!