Gordon Russ Tweaks a Classic Trick

Gordon Russ has taken the classic Traffic Light Trick and has customized it for a variety of themed shows.

Traffic Light Trick

The Traffic Light Trick is an old kid's trick where three large cards are show front and back with the colors of the traffic light including Red, Yellow and Green. One of the three cards is made to disappear by placing it in a large envelope.

The magician shows the two remaining cards and the kids think that vanished card is actually in the large envelope. The magician shows there IS one card left in the envelope which has the words "Wrong" printed on it.

Everyone thinks the other side contains the vanished color, but after some comedy by-play, the card reads WRONG AGAIN!

Gordon's Customizations

Gordon has taken the Traffic Light trick and customized it for many of his magic shows including Christmas, Library Reading programs, Halloween and Easter Bunny Shows.

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