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We're not your typical magic club, and thanks to the imaginative ideas and invaluable input from our members, some great features and activities have recently been added to our website!  Of course, we also have a few more "tricks up our sleeve" that will be implemented in the very near future!  Here's just a brief summary:

  • An Online Members Directory (containing contact information for those members who wish to be included) is now available for RING 22 members who are registered users for this site (find it in the  Secret Stuff drop-down menu)!
  • A Magicians for Hire page listing magicians available and seeking performing opportunities is now prominently posted for all of our website visitors!
  • A Paypal Option is now in place, making ONLINE payments for yearly dues and lectures fast, easy, and secure  (it can be found in the Members drop-down menu)!
  • In just a few weeks, we'll be hosting the "CAN'T MISS" Guest Lecture of the summer, featuring the amazing mentalist and magician, ALAIN NU, on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. 
  • More Guest Lectures are "in the works" for the upcoming months!
  • Our Magic Swap Meet/Flea Market will be part of our AUGUST CLUB MEETING, on Tuesday, August 20, 2019Members are encouraged to bring magic-related items (books, tricks, or whatever) to this meeting to trade/sell to other members.  Don't worry -- this meeting will include many of our usual club highlights, and we'll also be introducing a new One-on-One Session activity that everyone is sure to enjoy!  
  • Many new and exciting innovations are yet to come -- we can't wait to share them with you at future club events!

There’s always plenty to look forward to at RING 22! Please stay tuned and VISIT THIS SITE OFTENyou never know what you’ll be missing!

IBM RING 22 | John Smith, President | Fred Lenter, Vice-President | Robert Purcell, Treasurer