Online Payments

For your convenience, all RING 22 payments/donations can be submitted IN PERSON at any club meeting/event or securely and safely ONLINE using PayPal.  Payments/donations will be applied toward your annual club membership or other activities such as admission to a specific lecture/event!   Of course, you can always make a general contribution in any amount in further support of our organization!  RING 22 is a non-profit club and ALL proceeds are used to fund current and future events.   

Why bother with US mail or payments at the door?  We encourage everyone to take advantage of our ONLINE payment system!  To make an ONLINE payment, simply click the PayPal button below.  Be sure to indicate the reason for your payment/donation (annual club membership, specific lecture admission, general donation, etc.).

  • For our current annual Membership Registration/Fee and information,  please visit Membership Drive 2024!
  • Admission fees to attend our Guest Lectures vary; for specific information, be sure to visit our LECTURE page.
  • General Donations of any amount (as well as other payments) can be made by anyone at anytime.  

Your financial help and participation is ALWAYS greatly appreciated!

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