Planning YOUR Show, by Anthony Vinson

Anthony Vinson is a magician, story teller, author, and officer in the Atlanta, Georgia IBM RING 9 (  He is also a moderator on several online magic communities.  In one of his recent posts he addresses a very important topic that certainly is worth consideration for magicians everywhere and he has kindly offered to share his thoughts with us.  I hope you find his advice helpful and useful! 


I’m sharing my recipe for a successful banquet show. This was designed for a forty-five minute after-dinner show, where I was the feature entertainment at the event. Following this template will help you do a great show at easy gigs, and pull off a good show at tough gigs.

This show strategy is for events where the magic is often a surprise. People aren’t there for, or expecting to see, my magic show. This is your battle plan to win them over and maintain their interest.

You’ll need to look at your repertoire and match up what you do with each objective slot in the show. I believe any magic trick can be adapted to fit any slot. (more on that below) You won’t need any new tricks, but you might need to create some new presentations to suit the objectives.

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