TWO Borrowed Deck Self-Workers You MUST Learn! (by JNY)

Everyone knows how much I love card magic, and here are TWO of my very favorite effects that always seem to generate strong reactions.  Like everyone, I'm usually impressed with the work of well-known "finger-flingers" and "move monkeys", but these effects require no sleights at all and are entirely self-working, and they definitely fall in the "WORKERS" category.  I hope you'll learn and use them often!


NYCAAN Live, spontaneous, and informal…

One of my card favorites happens to be Lennart Green’s “card at any number” effect (although I am not sure where or if ever it has been officially published).  My only contributions to it pertain to the presentation.  I’ve designed it for a stand-up situation, without a table, incorporating different patter, and employing a different peek method.   With my handling, the magic occurs primarily in the spectator’s hands.   No matter how it is presented, do not be fooled by its simplicity – it is a “killer” routine that is very easy to do!  I usually perform it in those situations where a spectator hands me THEIR deck of shuffled cards while asking me to “show a card trick”.  The entire effect appears to be done without ever looking at a single card!