A “Favorite” Among Magicians

This past year several "GIANTS of MAGIC" have left us, and although they certainly will be missed by everyone within the magic fraternity, no one will ever forget the great contributions each of them has made in the world of magic.  With the passing of Harry Lorayne, Darwin Ortiz, Tom Craven, and most recently, DAVID BERGLASS, the treasure trove they and notable others have left behind will undoubtedly provide hot discussion topics in magic circles everywhere.  Of particular interest is the famous "BERGLASS EFFECT" (or perhaps I should say "infamous"!).    For those unfamiliar, it is an ACAAN routine (Any Card at Any Number) that adheres to utterly impossible conditions, and its wide-ranged popularity has now assumed an almost mythical status.   No wonder - it is a stunning and astonishing effect, to say the very least.  For those who have never seen BERGLASS in action, check out the video clip below containing one abbreviated presentation of his remarkable effect.  Of course, there are many ways his performance could have been accomplished, but watching the video will definitely get you thinking!