2019 Lecture Schedule

We’re currently organizing an official Guest Lecture schedule for RING 22 members and guests for 2019!  Lecture fees (collected at the door) are only $10.00 for members ($20.00 for non-members).  Save money now and become a RING 22 member to receive membership lecture discounts.  

Lectures are normally held at the HUNTER COMMUNITY CENTER, CLAWSON, MI, and start at 7:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

Important lecture dates and related information are listed below.  We’ve only just begun -- MORE lectures will soon be scheduled – SAVE THE DATES AND STAY TUNED!

OLMAC (Monday, April 22, 2019)

OLMAC  is famous worldwide for his amazing sleight of hand with cards, coins, and just about everything else.

He is a winner of the prestigious FISM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP XXIV CLOSE-UP COMPETITION in 2009 (Bejing, China), where he received standing ovations and rave reviews.

He has been awarded with 16 other prizes in various competitions around the world, and his unique performing style of magic is simply breathtaking.  OLMAC is the creator of many new extraordinary card techniques and he’ll be sharing many of his unbelievable routines with us.   

No wonder he has earned much praise by legends like David Copperfield – DON’T MISS THIS ONE! https://magicolmac.com/en/


DAN FLESHMAN (Thursday, May 2, 2019)

DAN has been performing magic for more than 25 years, in hundreds of restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs with great success throughout the USA, Europe, Japan, and Canada.  He has also performed numerous times at the world famous Magic Castle and has been featured on the cover of Genii Magazine. 

At this lecture Dan will present and share effects that are visually appealing as well as highly commercial and entertaining, including routines with cards, coins, ropes, and misc items. 

He’ll give tips on routining, timing, and body language, as well as his thought process behind the selection of his “killer” effects.  Gear up for a great night of magic – YOU’RE SURE TO ENJOY AND LEARN PLENTY AT THIS LECTURE! https://www.danfleshman.com/index.php/lecture-info/


ALAIN NU (Tuesday, August 13, 2019)

Alain NuALAIN is the modern day "Man Who Knows." He has starred in his own four-part mini-series on TLC, The Mysterious World Of Alain Nu, and has authored two acclaimed books (Picture Your ESP and State Of Mind). Highlights of his career include headlining at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, premiering on the maiden voyage of the Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship show, Illusionarium, and his annual show called The ESP in Espionage, at The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C.

Living in Washington, DC, Nu has performed for presidents (including both of Barrack Obama's inaugural balls), politicians, princes, princesses and other ambassadors/world leaders. Alain is a full-time working mentalist, speaker, and author who plans to share some of his most clever secrets with you during this 2 hour lecture. The effects taught will be mostly impromptu, utilizing easy-to-find items, which result in amazing displays of mind-reading, mental powers, and amazing synchronicities!

Nu has been one of mentalism's most secret innovators and creative contributors for several years. He has been featured in publications and journals such as Neal Scryer and Friends, Peter Turner's Isabella Star 2, Jeff McBride's Mystery School Book, John Bannon's Dear Mr. Fantasy, Lee Earl's SYZYGY, Magic Magazine, MUM, The Linking Ring (winner of Best Parade 1999), Stephen Hobbs'Labyrinth, Mary Tomich's The Alter Flame, Jack Kent Tillar's Blister Book, and many others… This is a very rare lecture opportunity  – ENJOY SOME AMAZING MAGIC AND MENTALISM AT ITS VERY BEST! https://www.themanwhoknows.tv/


JOHN CAREY (Monday, September 16, 2019)

John CareyJOHN has quickly become one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated magicians.  Over the past decade he has built up a stellar international reputation for his streamlined and practical approach to card and close up magic.

Having authored three critically acclaimed books, CRAFTED WITH CAREY, MINIMALISTICA, and CAREY FILES, John's work is in the repertoires of working magicians worldwide!  He is in constant demand lecturing both home and abroad.   

Later this year his new book, ME, MY CARDS, AND I, will be released.  THIS LECTURE WILL BE PACKED WITH PRACTICAL AND STUNNING MAGIC! https://carey-scene.com/jc-main


May 21st Club Meeting

YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!  Our next meeting promises to be an EPIC event for professional magicians, hobbyists, and curiosity-seekers -- no one ever leaves disappointed or empty handed!  It’s more than a monthly meeting, it’s a monthly convention designed especially with YOU in mind!  CHECK OUT WHAT WE’VE PLANNED FOR YOU - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 (7:15 – 10 PM)
Hunter Community Center, 509 Fisher Ct; Clawson, Michigan 48017


SPOTLIGHT:  Bob Whitford
Bob is well-versed in all types of close-up magic and he’ll open our meeting performing some very clever and truly spontaneous “anywhere - anytime” effects while providing some great tips regarding “impromptu magic” along the way -- you’ll definitely enjoy and learn from this one!

Everyone loves those “CLASSIC” magic effects -- time-tested routines using coins, silks, cups, cards, ropes, rings, sponge bunnies, or whatever -- tricks that “never fail” to amaze audiences young and old.  Here’s YOUR chance to share and perform whatever “CLASSIC” effect you’re working on, and best of all, you’ll have fun gaining invaluable performing experience. How can anyone pass up an opportunity like this?  

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION:  “Your Best Advice...”
We’ve all learned from the “legends” of magic.  What quote or “words of wisdom” have helped YOU the most in your magical journey?  Share your thoughts and enjoy the insights of others!

Mark is a very knowledgeable magician and mentalist with plenty of tricks “under his hat”.  At this meeting he’ll unlock the secret techniques used in the ever popular world of paranormal phenomena.   Don’t worry -- he’ll provide everything you need for this mind-bending experience!

The latest and greatest magical gems are “just around the corner”, and the professionals at WUNDERGROUND MAGIC will demonstrate a few of them!  The truth is in Clawson, Michigan!

We’ll be sure to make room for plenty of informal “fun” time to share magic with everyone -- this is always a favorite part of our meetings!

Meetings never end at 10 PM, and the gang always heads over to the nearby Clawson eatery, BLACK LOTUS, for more magic and mayhem.  It’s the talk of the town - please join us!