End of Year Message (2020) to All Members and Guests

Your friends at RING 22 would like to extend our warmest wishes to all of you as we are now nearing the end of a rather unforgettable year.  The current world crisis created many hardships for everyone, but fortunately for us, it did not extinguish our love for the art of magic!  Thanks to YOU for your continued support for our magic fraternity (now representing the greater-Michigan area and beyond!),  our recent “holiday” meeting (on Tuesday, December 15, 2020) ended with a BANG of SUPER NOVA proportions, and once again was very well attended!  With about 40 members and guests sharing magic, fun, and the usual mayhem, we shattered our own “glass ceiling”, featuring the extraordinary magic of our spotlighted magician and guest, the very talented Matt Stanley, a sensational hands-on mystery workshop with veteran magician John Luka, a magical historama with the very knowledgeable Dave Wirth, a special award ceremony for magician/entrepreneur, Josh Wilde and The Wunderground Magic Shop (presented by none other than IBM President Stephen Bargatze), a surprise “cabaret” performance with Michigan’s dynamic duo, Keith Fields and Lady Sarah, a world premiere video starring VP Fred Lenter, and of course, the highly entertaining magic performed by our members and guests.  That’s quite a line up, and just in case you missed it, members can now view a video version of the entire meeting in the “Members Only” section of our club website.  Heartfelt thanks goes to all of YOU for making modern miracles possible!

On a personal note, I cannot help but reflect (especially during this special time of year) on some incredible moments – moments not related to the COVID pandemic, but to the wonderful and numerous friendships I have enjoyed – a privileged “byproduct” of membership in our SUPER club.  Not only have I enjoyed and learned from YOUR terrific magic, I’m also extremely lucky to experience extraordinary friendships that I will always cherish.  For that I can only humbly share my sincerest “thank you” to everyone!  No doubt, many of you share and have experienced those same strong friendships, and that is ultimately magic’s most important goal!

Don’t forget, our club “magic” is just getting started – PLEASE make sure to attend our first event of 2021, our online club meeting on TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2021 (CLICK HERE to REGISTER)!  Take the “plunge” and see first-hand why I feel RING 22 is the best magic club in the country, and I’m confident anyone who has seen us in action will whole-heartedly agree!  Thanks again for making us truly THE Detroit Magic Club! 

Happy holidays and see you all next year (it’s not that far away)!

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