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Ken Chandler is a mentalist and magician living in Florida. I have known him for many years. A couple of years ago he had to drop out of the magic scene as his wife came down with a terrible disease.  All of his 401K has gone to hospital bills and he is now living on social security. He is very much in need of additional required medical treatment for his wife.  If anyone is so inclined, you can help in TWO ways. First, there is a go fund me page that tells the story and gives you a chance to make a donation.
Secondly - A group of well known mentalists (mostly PEA members) put an ebook together that is currently for sale.   The book contains great routines from some very well-known mentalists and it is very reasonably priced at only $49!   ALL PROCEEDS GO TO KEN.

I'm hoping friends in our magic community may be interested in helping him out a little.   As I said, I know Ken and his wife, Bean, personally - this is not a scam - it is sadly very real, and I'm sure they would appreciate anything you can do.

Thanks - Marv Long
Visit Ken's Go Fund Me Page at:
To purchase the Ebook:

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