September 2021 Club Meeting Summary

It was a dark and stormy night when our third in-person/simulcast meeting started on September 21, 2022 at 7:30 PM.  We received about 3 inches of rain that evening but people still braved the weather to attend! We had 24 magicians present including the President of the Ann Arbor Ring and about another 20 magicians online from across the Midwest including Naperville, Illinois! We are currently meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Clawson, Michigan. We were in for a wonderful evening of magic. Now, on with the meeting!

Our Spotlight magician this month was Chris Bogucki who did a 15 minute show that was very theatrical and centered around childhood memories. Chris used many items from childhood including a jump rope, and did several predictions and revelations. We then had member announcements. This month there will be two magic flea markets. One by the Ann Arbor Magic Club and the other by Michigan Magic Flea market. Both will be on Sunday, September 26th.  Carl Jarboe announced there will be a magic show at the downtown Detroit Fox Theater on December 12th 3 PM called A Magical Cirque Christmas, any questions about the show please CONTACT US. Ring 68 in Toledo, Ohio announced they will be scheduling a magic lecture by Joshua Jay in January of 2022.

Our ring president Johnny New York then showed us a short video clip of Johnny Carson doing some magic from a Jerry Lewis Telethon TV show. It was really nice video of him doing some great card manipulations and then a very funny card routine with Jerry Lewis. It was then time for The Wunderground Magic Store “What’s New in Magic” and Josh Wilde presented a lot of new items. Some of the new stuff included Fortune Telling cards, Tarot Psychology book, a new Kranzo invisible coin in glass routine, the Magic Card Pad (which has several affects you can do with it), Celebrikey, Santa’s Elf Knows, the Faddeck, Vortex card effect, three Flye coins, and the Magic Clock.  It is just terrific to have a real brick and mortar magic shop so close to us and the owner always had exciting new magic things to show us each meeting. Please support your local magic store if you have one close by.

We then had a book review of “The Life and Times of Albert Goshman” presented by Norm Cattell. Besides Albert’s really interesting magic life story in the first 2 chapters, the book gives a lot of details on how Albert created his close-up act and how each affect flowed into the next one. An excellent book on how create a magic act from scratch and everything flow together smoothly. Norm then finished with a coin vanish using one of Albert’s signature half dollars.

The evening was just magically speeding by and it was now time for attendee’s performances. Johnny New York started us with a three card prediction affect and then Mike Thornton showed us his new computer deck affect with a miniature computer in the card case! Jim Tait then demonstrated the Santa’s Elf Knows affect that Josh had mentioned in his “What is New at Wunderground Magic Shop” mentioned above. Was that a coincidence or just magic at work? Rick Raimando then did a routine where the deck ends up blank at the end and Andy Maker followed with a poem and affect by a magician no one has ever heard of. Gordon Russ followed with a linking rings routine using a spectator or two.

Next up was Peter Botrus (aka "Peter X") with a card prediction story involving a dragon where the correct card is revealed using fire! Norm Cattell then did a routine based on Harry Houdini’s escapes and magic using a rope, a metal ring, and a silk. Dan Jones then did a clever coin routine using a coin in a box his grandfather gave him.

And our meeting then finished up with a magic giveaway for all members who attended. Rex Kay did a three card monte affect and then taught us how to do it and then gave each of us the cards and wallet to do the affect. What a way to end a great evening of magic!  After the meeting almost 20 of us gathered at The Hideout restaurant (we call this the meeting Afterglow) and talked magic and life for over an hour. It’s a great way to both meet new friends and connect with other magicians.

You are more than welcome to join us and we hope to see you at our next meeting, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2021,  at 7:15 PM. Visitors are always welcome - please CONTACT US for more information.

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