“TEA TIME” Hits Close to Home

Everyone knows that our RING 22 members include many very talented magicians.  Among our most celebrated members is the well-known magician Keith Fields and his wife ("The Lady Sarah").  Together they're not only regular performers at the legendary MAGIC CASTLE (in Los Angeles, California), their unique brand of magic, humor, and entertainment is commonly booked around the world.  Apparently not "busy enough", they've recently launched two HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL ventures.  Of course, you've probably already attended their monthly "hit" dining/magic galas (known as "Lady Sarah's Magic Soiree"), which brilliantly promote magic and magicians with  family-fun fare featuring top drawer close-up and parlor prestidigitation.   Normally scheduled on various weekend evenings at the Camp Ticonderoga in Troy, MI, you'll have to hurry to reserve tickets as every Soiree normally sells out quickly.

During the rise of the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic, Keith and "Lady Sarah" managed to make "lemonade out of lemons" - but in this case the lemonade happens to be "TEA TIME", a weekly television-type show airing every Tuesday afternoon at 2 PM on their Facebook and YouTube channels (see links listed at the end of this post).   This is must see viewing entertainment as Kieth and Sarah interview local celebrities, entrepreneurs, and representatives from many worthwhile organizations.  Not surprisingly, they even feature daily magic presentations by some of the best magicians in our area as well as several internationally known performers.  The 30 minute TV show experience is loads of fun - Kieth and Sarah possess a magic all their own and collectively bring out the very best from their guests.  A large part of the show's success comes from the help of their producer, their daughter, Felicity, who adeptly keeps everything on track.  Several RING 22 magicians  have been featured on TEA TIME, including the RING 22 VP Fred Lenter and Wunderground Magic Shop owner Josh Wilde,  just to name a few.   

Recently, our British TEA TIME hosts honored me as an interviewed guest (discussing, of all things, the success of RING 22!) and also as a performing magician.  The entire experience was a blast, and needless to say, I learned plenty from their experience regarding camera angles, backdrops, and interview do's and don'ts.  Below is the clip of the entire 30 minute segment.  Fortunately (in case you may have missed any of their previous TEA TIME shows), you're able to watch all of their past episodes directly from their Facebook page.   I'm sure you'll agree with me - Keith and "Lady Sarah" are well worth the watch - be sure to tune in for their next TEA TIME.  Check them out at https://themagicsoiree.com/.  CONGRATS and THANKS to Keith Fields and "Lady Sarah"!

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