Young Club Members WIN Top Honors at IBM Convention 2023 – by JNY

Our club enjoys a vast membership of extremely talented magicians, and just recently, two of our exceptional and youngest members (FERRAN POAGE and DREYGON HIBBLER) celebrated an incredible achievement - winning 1st and 2nd place in the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magicians  CLOSE-UP COMPETITION for 2023 - a major event that is always a highlight of the annual IBM Convention! 

DREYGON HIBBLER (2nd Place Winner), KEITH FIELDS (mentor and supporter), and FERRAN POAGE (1st Place Winner)

This year's enormously successful convention took place in Pittsburg, PA,  and our talented club members competed with other magicians literally from around the world, bringing their A-Game to the table with stellar performances!  As many of us have witnessed over the last couple of years, FERRAN and DREYGON have worked hard continuously, perfecting their performances, skills, and presentations, receiving elpful advice and encouragement, not only from everyone at RING 22, but especially with the valuable mentorship of our club's renowned duo, KEITH and SARAH FIELDS (true believers in the art of magic who spotted the potential of both of these young magicians immediately). 

All of us are very proud of these well-deserved winners  - hat's off to FERRAN and DREYGON for their tremendous accomplishment!  At our July club meeting FERRAN and DREYGON rather humbly shared their experience with everyone, and RING 22 considers them to be true AMBASSADORS OF MAGIC.  What will they accomplish next???!