TRIBUTE to NICK PUDAR (1962 – 2022)

NICK PUDAREveryone should be as lucky as I have been these past years, and I’m sure all of our club members feel the same way when it comes to any discussion regarding our wonderful friend, NICK PUDAR.    Although not unexpected, his recent passing is undoubtedly difficult for all of us to handle, as anyone who knew NICK for any period of time knew what a true GEM he was, not only for the magic community, but for anyone fortunate enough to have "experienced" him in some way or other. 

NICK was a true RENAISSANCE MAN blessed with many extraordinary talents, and he will always be one of the most versatile and amazing individuals we’ve ever known.   Not only did he support our magic efforts in RING 22, he managed to leave his mark all over the world.  We’ll always remember his commanding smile, his excited eagerness to share with us (magic or otherwise), and his humble willingness to help everyone around him.  No one will ever forget his STUNNING and INEXPLAINABLE MAGIC – made even stronger because we all inevitably felt it radiating from his heart.  NICK was and will always be loved by everyone, and it is only with great fondness that we will remember his wit, his wisdom, and the inspiration he brought to each of us. 

Bravely, he and his family accepted the cards life dealt to him while always exuding a positive energy – an energy that will surely be missed, an energy our world could use a lot more of today.  Reflecting on his sad passing, let’s never forget how lucky we all are because of him.  March on, my friend!   GOD BLESS NICK PUDAR!

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